Film: 7568

Science | 1970 | Sound | B/W


At the beginning of the film the sun is shown as seen through the telescope at the High Altitude Observatory at Climac, Colorado, U.S.A. Flames several hundred miles long are shown leaving the surface of the sun. After several useful pieces of statistical information it is explained that although only a very small proportion of the sun's radiation actually reaches our earth we rely upon it for our existence. Boy and girl walking. Sun. Boy and Girl. Sun. It is explained that it is dangerous to look directly at the sun without the protection of dark sun glasses. Boy looking though dark glass. Sun though dark glass. Solar photographic set-up at Climax Observatory. Eruptions on surface of sun. Solar telescope. Solar prominence. Animation visualises waves of radiant energy going in all directions. As the narrator explains that each square yard of the sun's surface sends off enough radiation to crate some 70,000 horsepower of energy per day. e.g. 70.000 horsepower is enough energy to pull 12 trains, each with 50 carriages. Train. Expanse of sky. Shining through trees. Boy running power mower. Series of shots - views of earth from V-2 rocket. Animation - explanation of how far the sun must travel to reach the earth. close up light bulb and thermometer, which is an example of the previous animation, that is air within the glass bulb is almost nil somewhat like the space between the sun and the earth. Yet as soon as the metal wire turns white -hot it sends out light and heat in all directions. The heat travels through the empty space. Close up thermometer. Close up light bulb. Corona of sun. Hydrogen bomb explosion. Animation - thermonuclear reactions are occurring all the time. Sun through clouds. Animation - the enormity of the sun, what the sun's radiant energy does for us, weather/water cycle. Cloudy sky, lightning. Heavy rain. Ocean waves. Animation. Sky. River. Moonlight on river. Hoover Dam. Close up of two streams of water. series of streams. Power plant. Power lines - for homes industry. Windmill - moving air. PAN from windmill to field. Animation - Heated air becomes lighter and rises. The air outside this space, being cooler and heavier, flows in. This flowing air we call the wind. Windmill. Sailing boats. Sky, clouds. Rain clouds, tree. Field. Farmer in cornfield. Animation - plants, food, carbon dioxide and water. Cornfield. PAN from forested road to top of tree. Log blazing in fireplace. Close up burning log. Animation. Petrified tree stumps. Animation - Plants, and many kinds of animal which lived ages ago near or in the warm seas, died, piled up on the sea bottom, were covered with sand and mud and eventually turned into a dark liquid. Oil derrick. (Two shots). Motors. Plane in flight. Traffic on motorway. Home furnace. Oil flowing into tank. Combine in field. Three research scientists - What is the answer to how long our coal and oil will last us? Scientists are looking for the answer in solar energy. Scientist at drawing board. Close up plans for solar house. Solar house. Man with solar battery. Close up of battery. Close up of man talking on a walkie-talkie radio. Man tuning in radio receiver. MS Man talking. Solar motor. Solar prominence. Combines in field. Farmer in cornfield. Waves on beach. (Music up and out) End Title.

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