Film: 757

Social History | 1910 | Sound | B/W


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The funeral of the suffragette Emily Davison following her fatal protest at the Derby 1913 and other suffragette events 1910's

Parade of suffragettes marching. Evening Standard advertising board reads "Raid on Suffragettes 156 Women Arrested"
Smouldering ruins of a large house - presumably attacked by the women's rights protestors - "the houses of leading political opponents". People gather outside a large stately home with smashed and broken windows.
Epsom Derby 1913 - crowds gather to greet dignitaries including the King and Queen who are arriving by horse and carriage.
The funeral of Emily Davison. Her coffin is carried down steps. In the foreground a woman salutes. Police hold back crowds. The memorial procession goes down a road lined with crowds watching the flower covered cars. Following suffragettes carry banners.

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