Film: 7570

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


China 1920's
Soldiers firing field gun, with range finder. Biplane dropping bombs - aerial views of explosion. Single winged planes bombing what appears to be industrial area. Men turning conveyor belt for irrigation. Cormorants forced into water from boat. When they have caught fish they are taken out of the water and fish removed from their beaks. Houses and bridges on the grand canal. Children running along banks of canal. Temple on an island in the canal. Leaning Pagoda of Su-Chow.

Bridges over canal, men boarding junk or barge. Men bartering with necklaces. Boat sets off along canal - very busy - hundreds of junks. Women washing pans in the canal. Pot manufacturers on banks of canal.

Logs being transported on canal. Enormous bundles of wood being carried by men. Flocks of ducks in the canal. The Royal Arch Bridge with people walking across it pulling a junk on the canal that is loaded with logs. Large junk trying to get under low arch in bridge. Junk with sails.

What follows duplicates the shots of conveyor irrigation to the leaning Pagoda.

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