Film: 7576

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Angry woman shout and beat their fists stating that they cannot live like this anymore. In long shot it is revealed that women are speaking on make shift podium to group of people. Close-ups of crowds faces. Male student in white speaks. Long beards and creased faces of the crowd. District Agricultural Commissioner speaks. Very imposing man in black. No one wants co-operation which the speakers had called for. The crowd disperses but still a village co-operative is formed. Procession of religious icons to rid the land of drought. Crippled man pushes himself along ground. People sing and pray in the dust of the procession. They march around fields to alter. People kneel and constantly cross themselves. Sheep breathing hard. High winds, dark clouds. People left prostrate on ground but the clouds pass overhead. People look skywards, sheep bleating. The people stand and dust themselves off. They are despondent, God cannot help them. Faces of despondent men and women. Girl cleans funnel. All eyes on the funnel. Liquid appears at the mouth of the funnel. It begins to pour. People laugh, ecstatic at machine's success.

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