Film: 7579

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Girl having her dress mutilated (cut with scissors) by other women. Band in black tie. Girl with cut dress is now at fancy dress ball. She ends up dancing with the most handsome man there. Other women look on enviously and jealous, stern older woman views this match with disdain. Woman dances for man smoking, wearing a smoking jacket and playing ukulele. The same woman goes to interview with older woman. (Lady King). Shot of man and woman's feet slowly dancing. He stands on her foot. Lady King disciplines the young woman. Young woman asked to dance by handsome fella. Long shot of large dance floor as this couple go to it centre. others join them. Confrontation between man and woman. He leaves, he pulls him back, they embrace, lady King drops bag, he gets angry and storms out to find Lady King and not another man. Woman doing The Charleston as man watches and drinks. She begins to faint and swoon and weep, fade to man closing door who advances on woman. Knock on door, letter for man. He combs his hair and leaves, he is now in the dance hall. Back in the room the woman goes through his draws as he dances.

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