Film: 7581

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A public information-style film promoting equal opportunities for the blind and demonstrating blind people taking an active role in society - unfortunately made less convincing by the scenes in the grim-looking children's home.

Dairy farm. Man in brown overalls holds a cow. A man in white pats the cow and grabs at its back. He is valuing it for the farmer. farmer's daughter stands in doorway of the cowshed. Vet shakes farmer's hand and leaves. Cut to Mr Laxton. He wears a smart, dark suit and tunes a piano. A small boy watches him. He uses a tuning fork. he looks a bit cadaverous actually. Cut to Miss Hickle. She sits typing with her back to the camera. Her boss paces along next to her, dictating a letter. Cut to profile of Miss Hickle, concentrating. She uses a special machine for shorthand. Cut to her fingers tapping large keys. Narrator tells us that all three people are blind. Cut to family. Mother and daughter wind wool. Father in very dark glasses stands and feels his way over to a bookcase. Cut to a surgeon, swaddling a new-born baby. Other doctors in scrubs stand nearby. Nurse's gloved hands open baby's eyes and puts drops in. baby put into bed next to mother. Cut to drab looking dormitory. Row of camp beds and blind children sleeping. Small blind boy buttons up his shirt. Nurse helps another boy find his socks. Blind boys wash and dry their faces at a washbasin. Nursery area. Blind toddler stand in things like cages. Little boy pets a rabbit. Little girl smells a white flower. Little boys walk in grounds in procession (like a conga line). Boy plays with model house, assisted by middle-aged woman in floral dress. Other children sit at desks. Little girl baths her doll.. Boys and girls play with building bricks and Lego type stuff. Two boys in a classroom learn to read braille.

Teacher places their fingers on right passage. Close up of Braille letter. Old gentleman reads a book in braille. Another old , distinguished looking man reads braille music score and plays it on the violin. Man in overall oversees Braille printing works. Woman scores pages. Teenage girl selects book from large shelf. Class of blind teenage girls take their seats and open their text books. Teacher reads aloud. Girls follow in their braille copies. Girl uses special abacus and braille writing equipment. Older blind people in smart dress are helped out of a building. Blind man learns massage on patient. Blind man learns how to give ECT from specially designed equipment with dials marked in braille. Patient sits with his hands in what looks like two metal buckets. Cut to record playing on a gramophone. many girls learn how to touch-type. Two girls learn shorthand typing. A third reads out the dictation in braille. Ream of tickertape paper coming off shorthand machine, Young man learns how to tune pianos. His tutor is also blind. Old man lights a pipe. An old woman shows in a ruddy-cheeked home teacher. They shake hands. Old man sits at a table where there is a half-finished wicker basket. teacher helps man weave. Close up on their hands. Different old man with calloused hands which can't read braille listens to a novel being read out on a gramophone record. he has headphones. "talking Books."

First blind man and wife listen to wireless. She is knitting. he reads a braille Radio Times. Group of young blind men play cards around a card table. Smartly dressed woman votes in a polling booth, assisted by another woman. Cut to family seen earlier. Blind father now reads from a braille novel. His wife listens attentively and his daughter knits.
The End.

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