Film: 7584

Art + Architecture | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Pottery without a wheel 1950's
Making tiles, pots and decorative art out of clay without a pottery wheel.

Man picks up pump of clay, cutting in half to look for air holes. Rolling and kneading clay, checking no air holes. Man cuts a small lump of clay and makes a thumb print. Showing techniques and method of making coil pots, coil pots in different stages of completion. Making a model of a ducks using coil, close up of making head. The making by placing clay into a wooden frame, scraping of excess clay to leave flat , smooth tile. Decorating tiles, dipped into a bowl of slip and left to air. One tile decorated using piped slip and feather ( like icing a cake). Another decorated by scratching off slip to make a picture. Table of pottery items all made without using a wheel.

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