Film: 7586

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Various advertisements for male and female toiletries. High angle shot of North American yellow taxi cab. Interior of taxi: woman in 1970s dress. She stops taxi, gives driver money, opens door and runs through grass towards statue of 'Alice and Wonderland' in a park. The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Alice and Cheshire Cat are there. Woman sits on toad stool next to Alice. Voice over introduces the new spray cologne: 'Bagatelle'. Woman walking in park, photographer gives her balloon, takes photograph. Woman climbing steps holding balloon. 'Bagatelle, for the girl who thinks the world is something to flirt with'. Final shot of horse drawn carriage with balloon. (Colour is predominantly red).
'Right Guard'. Very short shots of a man and a woman rock climbling intercut with the words 'Right Guard'. Men perspire more than women that is why men need Right Guard. The couple wave from summit.
'Gillete' disposable razors. Short shots of different men shaving accompanied by a jaunty jingle in Italian.
A discoteque in Mexico, 1980. Large man with beard tells story of man, with images, who while dancing raises arms and lowers them quickly then he realises he smells. Man spraying Gillette deodorant under arms. Back to the disco and the man is now able to dance with his arms up.
Kathy Van Ness (an American glamorous woman) gets enthusiastic about Dry Idea Rollon. She talks in front of the camera about how good this anti-perspirant with very little water in it is. 'It really does work'.
'Gillette' repeated on moving tape along bottom of screen. Images of electricity pylons, newspaper presses, Gillette disposable razor. 'You'll never change blades again', a crowd cheering, man shaving. Block of flats with men waving from windows (a cheer is dubbed on) as voice over says 'simply the best'.
Silkware personal perms by Toni. A chart details which Toni product is right for your hair and the time needed to determine how curly your hair is going to be. Images flash up very quickly.

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