Film: 7588

Railways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Railways. Woman in close-up sits in a train by the window. She wears a hat and applies lipstick while looking in a hand-bag mirror. A man in shirt-sleeves fills his pipe from a pouch, puts the pipe in his mouth. A woman looks at herself in a carriage mirror and puts on face-powder.
The engine-driver in the cab of the steam-locomotive: a rear-overhead shot. Close-up of 'Royal Scot' train on the L.M.S. The wheels going around on the track and an overhead shot of the locomotive.
In the carriage, a woman in a hat and dress with a very large bow on her chest is dealt cards on a table by a man. They play cards together.
Close-up of the firebox and coal being shovelled in by the fire-man.
People in the carriage. A man is reading a newspaper then opens a window and returns to his 'paper. The train speeds by. One man lights another's cigarette.
Another locomotive - overhead shot - with a train passing. More close-ups of wheels going round.
Two women eat lunch in the restaurant-car. The 'woman with the big bow' eats lunch. A woman reads a magazine and a man sleeps.
The fire-man rakes the fire and shovels more coal. Wheels.
The 'woman with the bow' walks down the carriage corridor. A light is switched off. Close-up of ankles. A woman sits in her seat and pulls the blind down. A man sits next to her and switches off the light. A man sleeps with a handkerchief over his face. It moves with his breath.
Meanwhile, carriage-windows frame the passing pageantry of Britain's countryside."
Two women watch out of the window and point. Good shots of passing countryside from a train window. Rural scenes, villages, animals, etc.
"On time - leaving Lancaster."
Women read the newspaper in a 'smoking' carriage.

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