Film: 7596

War + Military | 1910 | Sound | B/W


The segments of documentary conveying elements of 1915: Gallipoli and The Battle of Loos. Archive footage interspersed with reconstructions.
1 - Painted ship at sea, painted in order to confuse German U boats. Ship in heavy sea. 1915, British battle ships firing on the Dogger bank. The sinking of the German battleship Bleech (?), sailors like ants on the ship as it capsizes. Shots of German U boat, firing of torpedo, explosion on a ship caused by torpedo. Shots of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey, from a moving ship at sea. Ship's guns firing on the Dardenelles. Battleships at sea (more shots of naval guns and explosions on shore). New Zealand, Australian and British troops in landing craft as they attack Gallipoli. British soldiers reading orders. Australian solders jumping out of landing craft and running up beach. Soldiers falling as they leave landing craft. Brief shot of a Turkish soldier firing gun. Soldiers in uniform on steps of official building, they are celebrating the awarding of a Victoria Cross to a New Zealand soldier who fought at Gallipoli. Graves on Gallipoli.
2 - Piles of ammunition in boxes and shells. French soldiers man handling both. Car used as taxi for commanders. Parisian bus (rear view) having meat taken off it. Lorries on roads. Horse drawn carriages on muddy roads. Soldiers on bicycle in foreground. Bi-plane, pilot being passed by. Bi plane takes off, aerial shots of ground. Shell torn ground. French soldiers walking along trenches. French firing mortar from trench. soldiers resting near graves. Freanch soldiers watching stage show. Explosion interrupts the crowd's applause. Explosions. Enormous, camouflaged field gun, being fired. Lord Kitchener, Joffre leaving conference. Russian army on show covered eastern front, marching, walking. British soldiers smoking and talking in trenches. Shots of newspaper editor outside tent. Soldiers buying the newspaper at the front (make and printed by troops). An explosion, a medium close up of an officer blowing a whistle, British soldiers 'going over the top' and advancing at the battle of Loos. Piper in kilt climbs on the parapet in the smoke and marches into no man's land followed by other troops leaving the trenches. Scottish troops attacking German soldiers. German prisoners of war marching and eating. shots of French(?) soldiers advancing towards the camera from trenches. French infantry advancing behind tank. German corpses boots and legs in foreground. German troops in trenches, throwing grenade and retreating.

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