Film: 7598

War + Military | 1910 | Sound | B/W


The first segment is a short piece of silent film of German troop movements during World War One.

The second is a news film referring to filming in the trenches and the effects of World War One at in Britain.

German troops on the move using horse drawn carriages. They are on roads and crossing bridges during the Great War, all lined with civilians. Drivers drive the carts off rafts, camouflaged with trees. Civilians watch as the supplies and horse drawn wagons are driven over a bridge.
D.W. Griffith in the British trenches with a camera on a tripod. Shots of what is said to be the first tank going into action during World War One, the tank moving over the trenches.
The home front: woman selecting fruit at a green grocers. The pre-rationing era. Woman cutting cheese in cheese shop. Civilians in British streets. Crowds congregating around shops with smashed windows which are owned by Germans in Britain.

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