Film: 7601

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Shots of the build up to and bombardment of The Battle of Verdun during World War One.
French carts being pulled along muddy road (long shot from damaged building) Medium shot of French traffic on water logged road. Donkeys being fed and being used to carry munitions along road. Supplies being pushed along track through mud. A French field gun being levered out of mud by a group of French soldiers - success ! Camouflaged artillery positions. Rows of troops marching along roads on the ... of the offensive. A French soldier struggling to extract his feet from the mud. Shot of solders sitting and waiting for the attack. Explosions in the distance, 'The French Onslaughter'. German prisoners (one on a stretcher) being marched into French trenches. Germans surrendering, pouring towards camera as French troops move in opposite direction.

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