Film: 7602

War + Military | 1910 | Sound | B/W


France, Europe at war in 1915 during World War One. The cost of World War One in the form of injured British soldiers.
Man sowing seeds by hand followed by horse drawn plough. Voice over states that this is 1915. French troops on horses and horse drawn carriages on tree lined road. Men climbing up to observation posts in the trees. Tree stumps in a land devastated by war, damaged church and houses. Soldiers unloading sleepers from railway carts. French troops constructing bridge across river. Voice over stresses the importance of roads, railways and bridges in modern war. Ambulances pulling away from a London railway station (could be Charing Cross) as crowds of civilians look on. Walking injured march past camera in uniform. Injured soldiers, replete with bandages sit outside makeshift hospital and play bowls. Injured soldier plays chess while convalescing in a hospital bad.

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