Film: 7603

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Various pieces of film covering events during World War One. Some of the film is news footage.
Men, some in British uniforms of World War One, pushing field gun across field. Firing field gun. British troop carriers on country road (in France?). British troops disembarking from trucks. Prisoners guarded by British soldiers on country road. Christmas thrift: Policemen on London, England, pavement. Queue of people waiting for handouts from New Tabernacle Sick and Provident Society. Troops digging and building protective areas out of turf. Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson presents badges to 1st Cadet (Chatham) Company. Field Marshall inspects troops. Shakes cadets hands. Shots of the shell damaged city of Flanders, Belgium, Europe after the battle of Ypres during World War One.

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