Film: 7606

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Various vignettes of events occurring during World War One, both at home (Britain) and at the front (France, Holland).
The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. The women's corps attending wounded soldiers. Woman in British uniforms loading a stretcher on to an army ambulance. Everything looks very clean and peaceful. A French ambulance being pulled out of mud.
Church parade in Lambeth, London. The band of the Metropolitan Police lead the R.F.A. to church. Band marches towards camera. Policeman in uniform jerks schoolboy out of their path. The band marches past followed by rows of soldiers. Bomb damaged houses in the snow. French troops on quay side. They are resting and lounging before embarking ship.
German prisoners of war marching along rail track carrying spades. Having run through the shots of ruined houses and shown the French troops on a quay side again, the film returns to the German prisoners of war who are seen digging in an effort to construct a promenade in a French harbour.
Heavy French field guns being towed along roads by large motor vehicles. British troops camouflaging a field gun.
British Worker's National League's demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London in favour of the sternest reprisals for the murder of Captain Fryatt. Man speaking on platform, large crowd in front of him. Police stand in front of platform. The crowd applauding and then voting by raising hands.
Army sports carnival. Boys box in a ring, enormous crowd in stands. Soldiers with guns and in uniform running out of full stadium for race. Athletes competing in walking race. Donkey Derby, fully grown men in jockey uniforms race donkeys around a track in a stadium.
Chaser Fastn (French artist) finishing King Albert's Sword of Honour. A typical artist with cigarette, beard and hat.

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