Film: 7608

Sport | 1930 | Silent | B/W



Middlesbrough: England beats Wales (2-1) at Soccer title. This is a short film of the above international played at Ayresome Park on 17th of November 1937. The referee blows his whistle and Wales kick-off. England's number 11, Eric Brook, of Manchester City, can be seen. Wales kick-off and the ball is passed to number 4, right-half Jimmy Murphy later to be assistant to Matt Busby at Manchester United after the war. The action cuts to a longer shot from the terraces with Wales mounting an attack just into the England half. The Welsh player miscontrols the ball and allows the England defender to clear to a colleague. He in turn controls the ball, turns to the Welsh goal and crosses the ball. Cut to camera shot from the side of the Welsh goal. Goalkeeper Gray puches the ball away well-supported by fellow defenders, including number 2, Turner. The English number 9, George Mills of Chelsea tumbles to the floor. The ball breaks to Brook whose shot is blocked. Quick cut to Gray saving a shot, allowing the ball to spin over his head and towards the goal line. He dives on the ball before it can travel any further and subsequently punts the ball upfield. Shot of crowd on the terraces, mainly men, some women. All wear winter clothing and some are smoking. Switch to Hall of Birmingham, shooting left-footed past Gray for England's second goal. The ball nestles in the bottom right-hand corner of the net despite the valiant dive of Gray. The referee signals the goal as Hall is congratulated by his team mates. Cut to shot of welsh goalmouth where Brook has the ball for England. Hall of England and Turner of Wales can also be seen. Brook is unable to control the ball and Wales mount their own attack. The ball reaches number 7, Hopkins, whose unintentional dummy fools left-back Barkas of Manchester City. Another Welsh forward controls the ball and punts upfield. Cut to aerial duel in the Welsh goalmouth, where an English header is headed off the line by Wales' Jimmy Murphy. Hanford number 5, can also be seen for Wales, as can his colleague Hughes. The back of England's number 4, Crayston of Arsenal, can be seen. Brook thunders in a shot from the clearance that is blocked by Turner. Another English shot from the rebound is scrambled away until Gray dives on the ball.

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