Film: 7613

Sport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


This is a training film on how to play football under the auspices of the F.A. The players of the leading team of the early to mid-30's, Arsenal, and their facilities, are used. The film starts with players standing on the pitch of the training ground. The players are standing in their stationary positions on the pitch. Forwards, half-backs, centre-backs, full-backs, wingers, and goalkeeper. The camera pans from the centre circle to the goal. Houses can be seen behind the fence behind the goal. Switching to what appears to be Arsenal's Highbury ground, a goalkeeper is positioned in one of the goals probably Hibbs. He bends with his legs closed to field the ball. The camera angle now changes from face-on to side-on. He is shown catching the ball low on the ground bringing his legs up behind. The shot is frozen, then repeated from the face-on angle. It is repeated by running the action backwards and then forwards again. Side-on angle as the keeper moves across to field a low shot. This action is shown again head-on in slow-motion. Side-on angle as the keeper is shown catching a waist-high ball in slow motion and freeze frame. Next up is a head high shot and the keeper is shown jumping to his right to catch the ball. The moment of impact is frozen and then repeated for a shot to the other side of the goal. Next is a high shot which keeper catches and then kicks away. This is repeated with a high shot to the right. A high shot is tipped over the crossbar of the goal by the keeper with one hand. The moment of impact is again frozen. Another high shot is tipped over the bar. Next a high ball is punched away but the keeper as another player attempts to head it into the goal. Then punch is frozen as the ball is cleared. Switch to a training grand pitch where a goalkeeper is shown diving to push the ball away from the goal. A despairing dive as the ball rebounds off the post. The keeper is shown catching the ball next despite the presence of a defender and opposing forward.

As the action progresses, George Male, Arsenal's English international full-back can be seen. Another crowded goal-mouth and the keeper catches the ball as it comes into the penalty area. He kicks it upfield before similar action. In slow-motion the keeper catches the ball on his six-yard line and bounces it on the floor a number of times before punting upfield. This action is shown again from a side-on angle. A shot towards goal is caught waist-high by the keeper - and he runs amongst the other players. A free-kick is shown being taken with a defensive wall having been assembled. From the kick the ball is chipped towards the goal where the keeper tips it over the bar. A slow-motion shot follows of the keeper catching the ball waist high among a melee of players before throwing out to a colleague on the wing. The action is repeated side-on. The keeper is next shown fielding a ball into his box before kicking upfield. The action is again repeated from the side-on angle. Next a high ball into the goal is punched away two-handed by the keeper. A cross from the left is shown being converted by a forward as the keeper has been dragged across to his near post. A forward is shown breaking through the defence in slow-motion and bearing down on goal. The keeper moves out of his goal to narrow the angle and successfully blocks the shot. A corner-kick is shown being taken and the position of the keeper highlighted. From the resultant corner the custodian fists the ball away with one hand. The keeper stands still on line as a penalty kick is taken. From behind the goal the ball beats the keeper and nestles in the back of the net. This action is shown in slow-motion. The keeper is next shown taking a goal kick.

The action switches back to the stadium where a player is demonstrating the throw in , probably Gardener, Aston Villa. The three lions of England badge can be seen on the breast of his shirt. He throws the ball with his feet apart. The action is repeated in slow-motion as the player runs to the line, stops and releases the ball. A foul throw is demonstrated with the player treading on the line. A throw from well behind the touch-line is shown. Another throw is seen and then in slow-motion, the player runs up to the line before launching the ball forwards. A foul throw is displayed by the player not bringing his hands and the ball behind his head. A variety of camera angles follows portraying the throw-in and the correct form of release. The player is shown swivelling his hips as he looks to throw the ball in a choice of direction. To achieve greater distance the player is shown putting one food forward in an attempt to gain further leverage. The moment of despatch is frozen, then the ball is shown being headed on by another player from the throw-in. This long throw is repeated and the ball is seen arriving in the goal-mouth where players from either side compete for possession. The throw is shown again from behind, the thrower in slow-motion. Close-up of players attempting to head the ball as the film finishes.

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