Film: 7615

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A Brahmin conjures a snake into a butterfly - woman who then transforms into a beautiful woman - she then rejects the Brahmin's advance and turns him into a snake. Theatrical jungle setting, a Brahmin, wearing turban, robe, long beard etc., comes out of the 'jungle' and looks around - he disappears behind a bush and returns with a large wicker basket, which he shows us is empty - he places this in the centre before getting a flute which he plays as he ambles to and fro - in response, a large fake snake slithers on screen from the left - the Brahmin conjures this till it kisses him and he kisses it back, then he opens the basket and places the snake inside - the basket is closed, then re-opened as a woman with butterfly wings emerges to hover above - the Brahmin discords the basket and shows off the butterfly-woman - when she comes down to the ground, she dances above while the Brahmin fetches a blanket - he chases her and, after falling over, covers her with the blanket while he waits two serving women in Oriental costumes appear and remove the blanket to reveal that the butterfly woman now looks similar to them, but beautiful and more like a princess. The other women depart and the Brahmin makes advances to the first woman, she rejects him and places her foot on his owed hand, transforming him into a snake - she leaves (followed by the servant women who have come back on stage) while the snake crawls after her. Fade out.

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