Film: 7619

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Views of markets and farms (harvest) in Mexico, Central America with English commentary and music in the background 1960's

Street market. Indians trading vegetables, etc. Various close ups of prickly cucumber, guavas, chillies, beans, carrots, maize, potatoes, tomatoes and so on.
Children harvest tomatoes. Commentary tells us that the tomatoes are originally from Mexico and was taken to Europe by the Spaniards.
Harvesting green beans.
Line of farm workers with baskets harvesting pineapples.
Cocoa trees. Several shots of men harvesting cocoa pods. Pods cut to reveal beans. Spreading beans out in sun to dry. Women roast and then grind beans into powder with rolling pin (traditional way). His kids are watching her. She mixes the powder with water into a paste. Then with more water she whisks in mortar. Woman pours cocoa drink for children. Boy drinks.
Close up vanilla plants. Vanilla pods drying in the sun. Men wrap vanilla leaves into bundles.
Little boy taking intricate models (scorpion) made from vanilla are offered in the shops.
Corn fields. Men working in the land and harvesting. Different ways of preparing corn.
Woman prepares tortillas. Wrapping burritos.
Rubber Tree. Man in tree scratches bark for rubber. Process of extracting.
Rope plant, working in tobacco fields. Man with cigarette bundles leaves. Men scale frame to hang long lines of tobacco leaves. Long shot and close up of drying frame. Old man rolls huge cigar from leaves and smokes it.

The End

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