Film: 7624

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Waves crash against barriers. Various shots astronauts. Space rocket takes off. Lightning. Volcanic eruption. Men catch tuna from clipper. Japanese women dressing. Arctic expedition. Rock climbing. Pot holing. Seagulls, brittle star, sea coral, turtle, coral on desk, magnificent flock of birds, clouds of birds, various shots of gulls, eggs, chicks, fledglings walk along sand. Aerial view of reef. Men in pith hats make their way over crumbly wooded land. Muffin birds in burrows. White capped nadis in trees. Male brings leaves to make nest. Man brushes leaves of fredonia tree against arm, bird caught up in leaves, freed by man. Birds fishing, white bait-like fish. Bird sits on egg, nadi chick. Gannets, sits on egg, chick, struggles from eggs, fledgling, mother shades offspring from sun.

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