Film: 7625

Dance | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Men's dancing contest. The four dancers are Melia, Hannaway, Nixon and Burns
A kind of clog dance or unusual Irish possibly. Each man dances alone on a platform before a row of seated male judges. A placard is held up with the name of each contestant as he dances. The winner Burns receives a huge boxing style belt. Ends up dancing on a plate.

The Bioscope says that this is a delightful Robert Paul film, unique to the Huntley collection. Entitled Clog Dancing for the Championship of England, it shows the contestants in the world clog dancing championship of 1898, held in Bow. It is described in the Paul catalogue thus:
An extremely fine film of the first four competitors in the famous championship clog dancing contest. Each dances separately, and then altogether, finishing with the champion (Mr. Burns) clog dancing on a dinner plate without breaking same.
James G. Burns and his competitors (Melia, Nixon and Hannaway are helpfully identified on the film by the use of name cards. The film clearly does not depict the actual contest, instead recreating the event complete with the original judges conveniently bunched together to fit in the shot.

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