Film: 7637

London | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Shot of Tower Bridge. London traffic passes over the bridge and a small boat moves along the River Thames towards it.
Intertitle: The bridges of London are very busy.
We look down on Waterloo Bridge with pedestrians and traffic passing over it, including buses, lorries and London taxi cabs. View of the bridge from one side with the camera on the south bank.
A large barge passes under Westminster Bridge. A boat with steaming funnel emerges from under the bridge and passes in front of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.
A boat pulling two long barges goes under Blackfriars Bridge. A view from higher up shows the traffic on the bridge and the rail crossing next to it.
Intertitle: The Thames is busy too.
A boat steams along the River Thames with black smoke billowing. It passes wharves and warehouses in the background. Cranes can be seen in the distance as we travel along the river. A tug pulls cargo. On the river we approach Tower Bridge. As the camera begins to pass beneath the structure we see the traffic above from a low angle. A static shot, on a level with the pedestrians and trucks shows the Tower of London in the background. A large boat moves towards Tower Bridge.
Intertitle: Tower Bridge opens its roadway for large river traffic.
Close up view of Tower Bridge opening. People and traffic wait at the side as the road folds up in front of them. Low angled shot of the two halves seperating. A wide shot shows Tower Bridged opened with river traffic passing beneath. View of the large boat moving through with the Tower of London in the background. As the boat continues on its journey the bridge is closed. The waiting traffic and pedestrians are now allowed to pass over the bridge. Lovely wider shot of Tower Bridge with boats and tugs in the foreground.

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