Film: 7638

Railways | 1930 | Sound | B/W


A record of the building and initial runs of the LMS streamlined 4-6-2 locomotive " Coronation " for the coronation of george 6th in 1937

Coronation then achieved the world record of 114 mph for a steam train. 1930's

This record only lasted a year and was beaten by LNER Mallard which achieved 126mph a record which still stands and is likely to remain in 1938

The works at Crewe and Rugby

Lovely three locos together sequence showing "Coronation" 1911 along side Coronation 1936 and little "Lion" bult a 100 years before in 1838

Commentary says " Lion is going, only just, but she's going " . In reality, of the three locomotives in that line up ONLY Lion is going and is housed at Liverpool Transport Museum and last seenin steam in 1980. It was Lion that starred in Titfield Thunderbolt

Familiar music by Vivian Ellis.

Good over the camera shots, low angles shot from the maintanance pit.)

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