Film: 7641

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


This is three short amateur home movies cement spliced together, the first and second concern a happy family on a Cornish beach.

A rowing boat with four people aboard moves steadily away from us, its occupants look back. A young man with a jacket and rolled up trousers lets a dog off its lead. The dog races forward as the man looks out to sea. His companion, wearing a cardigan, smiles at the camera whilst the sea breaks on the rocks behind them and keeps their feet in water. As the sea keeps coming over, the first fellow rolls up his trouser legs further and the other walks out of shot. Both in shot, they welcome the returning dog. The dog in a jump cut runs away again. Both men farther in the water look down as it persists in its wake. The dog sits wagging its tail as man wearing cardigan pats its head, the other wades towards them. They try to stoke the dog but it eludes them. They put the leash on the dog. Jump cut of same activity. The dog jumps out, splashing them slightly. On sand the dog runs away. As the two gentlemen walk between sand and sea, the dog follows excitedly. Returning to the water and rocks the dog is uncertain. The young man in the jacket wades in the sea while a woman in a long skirt hesitates with the dog. Dog is out of shot, as she hitches up her skirt and follows the man wearing the jacket. She stands in the sand and water with the dog as she looks back. He lunges at the dog. She pats the dog. He does a cartwheel on the sand. And again. He does it again, falling back where the lady helped him, laughing. The young man who looks 14 stands on a rock holding a length of seaweed, the water is all around him. Holding the seaweed, he wanders back, his coat seems to be double breasted.
Now standing on the rocks against the cliff, he looks down onto the sand where the dog and other man sit looking. The dog jumps from the same spot. The boy stands on a pile of rocks cleaning what looks like a pen in a small waterfall from a stream. On top of a grassy cliff both boy and man are dressed properly, trousers rolled down and they look back at the camera. They set off walking, the man has a rucksack on his back. A ship is at sea and the sea breaks on the rocks.
Kodak safety film - cement splice.
Three men carry a rowing boat down a stony beach and drop it on the seaweed bottom of the beach. One has a flat cap, another a hat. Two have rolled-up sleeves. On the shore edge, three boys join the man with the hat to push the boat in. Another man inside the boat pushes with the oar. It slowly makes its way into the water. There are three men inside, while the three boys look on, standing in the water. Water breaks roughly on the stones at the cliff edge. A woman is startled and rushes back as the water comes in. water breaks and spray flies in the air. The woman smiles at the camera, nervously looking back at the sea. The sea breaks and surges up the sand. Wave after wave. We see a man's chest and his downward gazes at the sea. The water continues to smash against a particular rock. Out of focus shot. The sea tumbles by the stony cliff.
Kodak safety film - cement splice.
Two men with rolled up trousers stand by the shore edge, the rough sea brings the water in and over their feet. They seem distracted by something above them. Spray flies against the cliff. The waves keep tumbling. Water runs over the men's feet, one picks up what seems to him an unusual piece of seaweed. He holds it high as if to examine it. He hand sit to an elderly lady in a dress. She throws it into the sea. Standing alone the water reaches her feet and the dog runs by. Another lady stands by then picks up some seaweed. One of the men joins her in an attempt to put seaweed on the lady with the dress. These two then battle it out, the sea comes in relentless. The man has a moustache in close-up as he talks he steps back from the water. A young man stands on the beach. The waves come toward the camera. The two ladies and man sit at the back of the beach, drink from a cup and saucer and eat bread. That water keeps coming. The wet dog stands in the water's shallows departing. White surf is carried by the waves and keeps going, arriving up the beach.
Two lines of schoolchildren aged about seven stand in an open yard, behind its wall lies a row of terraced houses. The children are dressed smartly, wearing medium length coats, and they put alternate arms in the air. A line is formed in front of a stone wall, a line of children kneel in front and the line is broken in half by a young woman who stands wearing a light-coloured dress. The scene seems to be a class photo. The woman shows how the line turns at right angles at each end. A late middle aged woman sits on a wooden chair holding a baby. They are in a garden with bushes all around them. A girl holding flowers walks in a small procession with girls holding her cloak and boys stand with parents and children gathered in. Crown on the girl's head on the platform. A lady gives another lady some flowers. Cut to girls during a game in front of the gathered adults. They stop and kneel. They turn around in circles. The run holding hands. They run around a partner then they run dancing in pairs. Boys run in a formation around them. Three boys have ornate hats and have drums, the other has a trumpet. Several girls on a raised platform formally, as if arranged, in front of a Union Jack flag. The procession walks the girls and boys either side of the girl. The procession appears to join the gathering with the flag. A lady places a circle, lifting their arms up high. Boys jump, stretch and touch their toes. An adult helps individuals jump leap frog over a line of three boys, all in front of the gathered adults.
A young lady stands on a beach with her sandals off, she looks ahead. A few people stand on the flat sand, barefoot and throw stones. A car drives by them. A lady walks a few steps back as they lightly throw stones . One looks at the camera. There are cars parked on the bank.

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