Film: 7652

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Young men on holiday in France.
Paris, France, railway station. Man links up trains. Train goes via Dijon, and Lyons to Marseilles. Travel through countryside, including ten seconds in tunnel. Cassis Marseilles. Views of coastal town, little harbour, ships, dinghy, launch. Man dives from rocks and swims. Men play with ball on beach (filmed from high up). Sea swells and breaks on rocks. Taxi rank. Little boy. Man dives into sea. 'Hanno' aircraft 'Imperial Airways' flies over town and country. Shots from plane showing its wheel. Clever shot of wheel as plane lands. Fly over Alps. Snowy mountains. Valleys. Shot of propeller as reach runway. Men sit round table with no shirts on outdoors. They eat melon. Deck chairs on crowded beach. Men walk into sea. Close up of train wheels starting. Pistons pump. French villages filmed from train. Town filmed from car. Hectic overtaking. Ship home. White cliffs (of Dover). Back garden, children and grandmother play with ball.

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