Film: 7653

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Norway. Small steam ship 'Ariadne' of Bergen at sea overtaken by photographers' boat. Rocky islet. Sunny day. Fjords / fiords. Launch with Norwegian flag which flutters in breeze. Waterfall, snow patches on mountain. Small two-wheeled cart pulled by horse crosses bridge and goes along country road. Hikers walk through field of sitting cows which then stand up. Cows lick themselves. River in flood. Small passenger boat comes to shore. Unusual roofed housing. Horse and cart. Little passenger steamer in fjord. Man and woman face camera with dog between them. Woman strokes dog's chest. Woman pats dog whilst wading in water. Man carries small dog out of water. Dog is buried in sand except for its head. Man is buried in sand. Sand cracks as he breathes. He breaks free and jumps. Amateur tennis, mixed doubles, women's' doubles.

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