Film: 7655

Aviation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Brooklands Surrey, racing. Biplane in British colours lands. Several airplanes on ground. Two tabby cats. Cars on bank at Brooklands. Biplane flies upside down for long time, loops the loop and twists in air. Rigid dirigible at Hanworth's London air park. Cars are Bikini Blower 4 1/2? and Delape 10 1/2. Good Graf Zeppelin shots. Aerial shots of ground. Autogyro / autogiro aircraft. Zeppelin, blimp. Cats in basket and kittens. Car crashes through barrier. Vintage cars rally. Back garden swimming pool. Car by tent. Man on beach throws stones. Man on rocks. Man dives into sea. Hayfields in France?

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