Film: 7656

Transport General | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Children in garden hanging clothes on low washing line. Teenager cycles round garden, man does same. Man tries to start propeller of biplane at Brooklands, Surrey, racetrack. Shots from air of ground. Wings, struts of airplane. Train. Brooklands car race (800 mile?). Tabby cat plays with man and twig in garden. Autogiro / autogyro lands. Cats in basket. Adults play, close up of grandfather. Brooklands car racing. Car on fire at turn. Campbell's 'Blue Bird' at Brooklands. Campbell. Three cars on road outside house, including racing car. J. C. C. International Trophy? Train travelling to Preston - railway engine travels in opposite direction. Shots from train of countryside, station, other trains, tunnel. Kittens in basket.

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