Film: 7658

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Shot from railway train as it travels into Marseilles, France, station. Streets. Boulevard. Man walks down long steps carrying luggage. Man dives into sea wearing bathing cap. Port, rowing boat. Forest fire on hillside - bushes burn and smoke. Man jumps into sea, and then dives in. Man swims to shore. Car racing stadium, spectators wearing hats. Train enters French station. Submarine on surface of sea. One-funnel steamer ship. Goat on rocks, limestone cliffs. Man dives into sea from quite high up on rocks. Rocky coastline. Man feigns drowning. French housing in city - six storey apartment buildings. Aerial view of park. Eiffel Tower, Paris. Lift gear mechanisms. Shot up the Tower. Descending in lift. River Seine. Fire in country. Man falls on camera. Swans on river. Motor racing. Night shots of fireworks - Catherine wheels.

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