Film: 7659

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Close up of man, Philip Cardew. He smiles and smokes. Man puts on glasses. Brighton beach - panoramic sweep. Man on promenade in plus 4's. Road and traffic on the promenade. In speed boat going past Brighton pier. Lots of spray. Brooklands, Surrey, racetrack including Maserati car. Close up of comic shots of man speeded up smoking and on telephone, Cardew again - the filmmaker. Grandfather and middle-aged woman in close up. Two men in close up smile. Younger man in glasses smokes. Tree and clouds. Morgan car drives and brakes on road by Brooklands. Brooklands hairpin bend. Clouds, tree and clouds. Couple at domestic car with dog. Dog cuddled and jumps for stick. Brooklands racing. Shy boy and girl with shuttlecock and bats. Man walks around in shorts and vest in garden. Flying airplane in distance. Tabby cats lick each other - mother and kitten. One cat bites. Kitten stalks mother cat. Airplane squadrons. Man diving and swimming.

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