Film: 7660

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Cornwall. Chimneys. Man in thong on beach (swimming costume) - he swims. Rowing boat goes by. Fishermen arrange their fishing nets on beach. Rowing boat at sea with net. Fishermen on beach in flat caps pull net in. Small fish in net flap about. Flat fish (plaice?) caught in net. Men and boys walk along beach away from camera. Crashing waves. Signpost says "Gunwalloe" (Fishing Cove), Cornwall and Helston. Silhouette of man in cave looking at sea. Man smoking, only wearing shorts, sits next to tent. Throws skimming stones across sea, ("ducks and drakes"). Small boat regatta in Cornwall(?). Little motor boat. Outdoors man conducts brass band. Fishing village. Film in small fishing boat at sea. Helmsman spins line and catches mackerel. Friend does same. Helmsman does same. Fish hauled in . Man removes hook from mouth of fish. Man walks out of sea. Man rolls rubber ring into sea. Runs and plays with ring. Dives into waves. Panorama of coast. Man smokes and climbs cliffs barefoot. Man in jacket and slacks runs along beach to camera. Pretty fishing village with tide out - lots of stranded boats. Close up of foam reaching cameraman. Heavy waves. Man knocked about. Man sits on beach and wave hits him. Donkey. Lands End(?) Rocky islets. Waves break over rocks. Sign "The last house in England". Man drives to tent. Man carries two buckets of water to tent. Man smokes cigarette. Man cooks in tent. Car parked next to tent. Yacht in harbour. Pretty harbour panorama. Grandfather walks to camera with hat and stick.

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