Film: 7662

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Cornwall. Two men scrape away at sandy cliff face with picks. They create small landslide. Two men get in car. Car driven out of farmyard. Four people walk along lane. Man sits with dead seagull and pulls feathers off wing. Rocky beach with rock arches. Men wearing jackets and slacks climb cliff. Woman points. Three men and woman sit - man smokes, woman smells his tobacco from pouch. Black cat plays with stick. Men walk through gorse. Men descend rocky cliff to camera. Man climbs cliff. Seagulls hover on updraft from cliff. Small ship enters port - breakwater. It docks. Two men and woman walk along country road to camera. One man has stick. Two men swim in large rock pool. Rocky islets. Man dives into sea channel, he swims and climbs out.

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