Film: 7663

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. Crib Goch Ridge in Snowdonia, North Wales. Snowy conditions for climbing. Men descend peak with ropes and warm clothes. Two men walk towards camera. Misty. Further down mountain - sunny. Three men sit in front of camera. People descend boulder strewn hillside. Man climbs down rock face smoking a pipe wearing tweeds. Ropes slung over shoulders. "North Wales: 'Helyg' extensions opening" - climbers club hut opening with men gathered around for the occasion Presentation of key (later used as base for 1953 Everest expedition). Men walk to camera. Men walk up grassy slope. "Lake District" (Cumbria). Young man climbs with aid of rope. Climbs steep gully. Girl with pony tail climbs. Man at top pays out rope.
[Next bit colour and stock dated 1935 onwards] "Austria: Otz Tal" (this caption wrong - actually appears to be Pembrokeshire). (Colour very red). Climb to top of peak - large ship goes by on sea. Lighthouse station which is very likely the Strumble Head Lighthouse on the North Pembrokeshire Coast, West Wales. Cornish cliffs and not Austria. Men rest on grass at bottom of next climb. Colour very red and faded. Bladderwort flowers. Men rest. Man climbs. Old stone built farm buildings presumably in a hamlet near Strumble Head. Farm dogs play. Horse rubs its backside on farm gate. Horse led through farm.
[B/w, stock 1931] Rock climbing on cliffs. Silhouettes of men at top. Quickly edited section where man traverses rock from right to left to show techniques. Other man waits for him holding rope. Long shots. Closer shots of climbing. Men on pinnacle in silhouette. Waves break on rocks. Ship steams a long way away.

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