Film: 7664

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. Man hammers in stake with sledgehammer. He is not wearing shoes or shirt. Several people riding horses without hats. In pairs and in a line. Cantering in circle. Horses create dust. Horse and rider charge past camera. Man holds horses whilst they eat grass. People eat at table on veranda. On holiday abroad with British car with GB plates. Two cars side by side with GB plates. Man smokes. Long shot of men doing exercises on beach. Men play fight as they smoke. Close up of grasshopper on hand. Marina of southern French port? Barefoot man climbs rocks and dives into sea.
[colour film, reddish, stock 1939] Man prances along with false brassiere and carrying parasol. Other man sits with nothing on in profile. Man in bra and hat dives off rocks. Sea jousting tournament where men fall in. Boy scout / Nazi youth in mountains standing by car and in car. Local man with oxen cart. Austria? or Germany? Town in Bavaria? Nazi insignia on street lamp. Nazi headquarters and Nazi flags. Brownshirts / Hitler Youth march by and give Nazi salute to massed flags. Ships on River Rhine? Floating bridge? Portion removed so barges can go through. Boat travels up river at same time.
[B/w] European band - military in hats. Swing bridge with tram tracks on it. Tug boat called "Rotterdam". Dutch barge? [Stock 1936].

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