Film: 7665

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. Loading ship at Marseilles, France. Cranes. Holiday.
[pinkish colour] Woman looking through binoculars. Suez canal(?) and wash created by ship.
[b/w] Launch. Port Sudan. On ship, woman walks by in swimming costume carrying towel. Three-funnel ship. Camels led along by locals in town. Aden, Yemen. Goats stand on backs of camels. Aden - panorama of port. Railway station at Bombay(?) Train comes towards camera. Film taken from moving train (shaky). Train to Bangalore, India. Ghat scenes. Train going round bends. Locals.
[pink colour] Two people get in Wolseley car and drive off in country. Film taken over bonnet as driving. Woman in slacks walks. Long shots of villa. Garden in Bangalore, presumably part of British Raj.
[b/w] Monkey on roof of car. Monkey on chain. Coast. Man walks by in towel. Shot from cliff of man preparing to bathe with pet monkey.
[colour] Woman walks by with monkey draped over her shoulders. Woman in costume runs into sea. Woman runs along beach. She is knocked over by waves. Man wades into sea.

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