Film: 7666

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. India. [Colour] Waves breaking. Woman (Joan) runs along beach, and again in slow motion. She wears two-piece bathing costume (pre Bikini). Driving Wolseley around compound (British Raj). Local sail boat, fort.
[b/w] Reservoir. Coast, palm trees. Tellicherry(?) Local man chopping at tree which has fallen across road watched by crowd. Ferry with foot passengers.
[colour] Car drives onto small ferry. Man gets out. Film through windscreen of driving through villages. Horse and cart. Train crosses low bridge. Country road with elephant coming towards camera, watched by Briton in colonial clothing. Car driving catches lorry up. Lots of water lilies. Large car goes onto ferry - car has tent structure on back. Spectacular waterfall
[bw] Ferry, local man punting. Woman enjoys watching this.
[colour] Pet monkey. Local in canoe, man fishing. Good river and sea scenes. Catamaran being put to sea. Sail on boat. Woman on rocky beach runs. Woman dries herself. Sail boat. With dog on beach. Man in surf. Sunset on sea. Kalinadi Crossing(?) Local boats, including launch with engine.

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