Film: 7667

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. [bw] Dark film of cars and servants at Bangalore, Indian Raj. Servant with pet monkey on chain. Cars in countryside. Trees with the monkey climbing. Journey to Nilgiri shot through car windscreen. Servants sit on mountain top. Cable railway pulls buggy up hill. Pipeline.
[colour] Tour of West coast of India in Wolseley and RR, Rolls Royce(?) Car crosses bridge, goes onto ferry. The two cars on the ferry. Cars drive off. Lots of locals. Woman combs hair in mirror on side of car (long shot). Monkey plays. Woman puts pith helmet on. Elephant at work with rider. Irritti Ghat.
[b/w] Elephant working. Locals watch. Elephant tows log.
[bluish, overexposed colour] Rolls Royce in the Nilgiris. Poona. Garden. Car pujah (car rally) at Poona (blurred). Dark film of car driving, the car entering and leaving archway. Man walks to camera. One of the cars called a 30/98(?)

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