Film: 7668

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Poona, India. Excellent colour shot of car (Wolseley?) in garden of Indian Raj. Good shots of dashboard. Man gets in and drives off. Woman picks flowers off tree. Rolls Royce car under canvas, forming a tent. Duchess(?) encampment in compound. Woman peels back khaki tent and opens truck back. Car / van backed out of gateway.
Aden - excellent panorama of port. Tug - steamer. Local boat alongside big boat. Speed boat.
Marseilles, southern France. Ship docked - luggage carried along gangplank. porters carry luggage. Tugs, port scenes. Harbour filmed from ship. Woman looks over side. Deck. Other ship.
[long gap in film, then poor quality b/w] Khojak Pass rail tunnel on border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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