Film: 7669

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. [colour] British people from the British Raj take a trip from Quetta to Lahore (now Pakistan). Bright sunny day in open country. Car with locals, dry rocky desert. Lunch stop under tree - close ups of people. Local people with car in garden. Mountains. Servant working at back of car. Panoramic sweeps.
[dark b/w] winding road. Mountains, back of car loaded with baggage. Tent pitched over car.
[good colour] Villa or house. Child walks away from camera. Back garden, flower borders. Three year old child in pith helmet. River.
[dark b/w] Panoramic sweep of hills.
[colour] Garden. Woman walks up garden steps in wood to camera. Panoramic sweep of hills. Woman rides horse round. Child on horse led around by woman. Turbaned helper. Country road, car comes towards camera. Chipmunks in hand in close up. Good panorama of distant Himalayas covered in snow.

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