Film: 7670

Social History | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. (Circa 1938). [Pink colour] Monkey on chain playing on windowsill and in house. In garden it sits on bucket and plays with handle. Pushes bucket of water over. Rolls bucket around and stands on it. Jumps in air to get food from person's hand. Man and monkey on beach with dog. Blurred dog on windowsill. Blurred dog and monkey play. On beach man, monkey and dog play. Monkey on man's shoulders. Woman with monkey. Dog chases monkey, monkey does not want to be put down and keeps leaping back onto woman.
[B/w underexposed] Woman sits on floor.
[Colour] Monkey and dog play / fight. Monkey stroked by man. Monkey on cage.
[B/w] bird preening itself on windowsill. Bird eats. [Underexposed bit]. Siamese cat and dog.
[Colour] Cat scratches. Cat walks. Cat held by woman. Scottie dog? plays. Dog held by woman to camera. Two green parrots in cage.

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