Film: 7675

Social History | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. 1946 and 1948.
[B/w] On board ship 'Durham Castle' on voyage home from India. Unidentified port on journey. In back garden at Bridgewater with grandmother and grandfather.
[Colour] Boy with sledge in snow. Wife walks along towpath alongside canal at Shawford? Hampshire.
[B/w] Children run around in garden with sled and pull younger brother on lawn. Pigeons eating seed. Girl with Siamese cat smiles at camera. Wife with cat. Close up of boy.
[Colour] Rolls Royce car.
[B/w dark] Unloading Rolls Royce and crates at docks in August 1948.
[Colour] Emperor caterpillar. [Blurred] Children at Beachborough. Boy on tricycle. Children with huge balloons (two foot across), in back garden - good shots. Children throw balloons in air. Canal - water meadows. Church. People walk on towpath. Wife and swan. Twyford, Hampshire. [Dark] film of Rolls Royce with canopy. Children hide in conifer tree.
[Colour] Children's tricycle parade - children in back garden. Children on lawn in variety of cars. Pedal cars. Children go quickly round corner.

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