Film: 7676

Sport | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. [B/w] Large house at Gun Hill? Man and woman in tweed coats walk around in
[Colour - bluish] Motor racing and country roads. Driver waves to crowd. Quite good racing. Cars slide round corner.
[B/w] Country house at Towie, Scotland. Car parked in drive.
[Colour] Car drives off from verge. Children and two women on well-mown lawn. Pekinese dog plays with ball. Older man does archery in back garden. Older woman also. They walk to archery target, butt, with bows in their hands. Good archery film. They examine butt. Stringing a bow. Arrows hit butt. Garden.
January 1940 - sunny scenes at house. Back garden. Garden with woman in it. Picnic in country - woman smokes cigarette. Dogs drink from bowl. Close up of woman smoking cigarette, man smoking pipe. Cars parked on verge. Woman tickles dogs.
[B/w dark] Waterfall. Scottish scenery. Near Edinburgh monument. Comrie.
[Colour] Cliffs and waves at Maidencombe Beach. Women on rocks with binoculars. Slow motion film of waves breaking.

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