Film: 7678

Sport | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. [B/w] Slow motion film of schoolgirls doing high jump at school sports day. Teenager. Three-legged race. Parents races. At Twyford. Girls running around like wood nymphs, and dressed as waitresses. Girl does Irish or Highland jig. Various dances. Pony race. Prize giving. Pony fails to jump one foot high fence. Boys' school. Ten year old boys at Twyford. Hurdles races. Discuss. High jump. Sprint. Race round bend. Relay races. Little girls race. Obstacle race. Boys run and crawl under canvass. Apple eating on string.
[Colour] Boys march by, alternately in shorts and bare chested. Exercises. Display. Little girl points at camera. High jump in slow motion. Long jump. Sprint to camera. Relay race. Obstacle - under netting, and through tyres. Through sacking. Mother's race where they find their sons' shirt and run to him. Father and boys too. Tug of war.

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