Film: 7679

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. [Dark] Men cutting down large tree. Very large tree falls in back garden. Winter - man up large tree attaches rope. Winch lorry. Boy smiles out of upper window of house. Girl. Tree pulled down. Tree fellers' truck. Third tree falls. Children stand on log. Men use axes on branches. Film from train - crossing estuary in Devon? Station at Braunton for Croyde Bay. Good shots from railway train of countryside and villages. Going round bend. Steam train. Approaching tunnel. Pass airfield. Motor racing in country on public roads. Aircraft carrier - Ark Royal? Southampton? Portsmouth?
Pond in garden. Bird in cage and Pekinese dog. Cockatoo sticks head out between bars and dogs look worried. Cockatoo on hand. Family in open-topped car. Garden rockery, flowers.
Farnborough Air Show [light gets into camera]. Family in Rolls Royce - tent-like structure at back. Helicopters and planes. Flypast. Neat formation flying. Airliner. Red Arrows??

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