Film: 7681

Social History | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. Bangalore, India.
[Colour] February 1938, Mother holding young baby. Looks to camera.
[B/w] April 1938, bathing baby.
[Colour] Mother holds baby up in air and over shoulder.
[B/w] Father holds baby. Child crawls to open doorway and on paving. Mother takes baby's shorts off as it is crawling - baby's backside. Mother smiles.
[Colour] Child on rug on lawn. Plays with and pats Siamese cat. Cat cleans itself. Baby in yellow dress. Mother and father hold child upright so it can walk. They show child to camera.
February 1939, child with cuddly teddy bear walks on lawn. Picked up and turned around for camera. Child shown flowers. Child runs around. 18-month old dipped in pond. Child walks around naked.

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