Film: 7682

Social History | 1930 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. April 1939, Poona, India back garden.
[Good colour] Little girl in blue dress looks at camera. Follows mother around garden. Chases dog, chases a feather.
Suez Canal, Egypt, 1939. On ship, on nursery deck. 19-month old girl in swimming costume. Plays with teddy bear. Close-up of face.
[Blurred] shot of Richard aged three months in cot. Baby lies on back and waves arms in air.
[B/w] Girl only wears shoes and crawls around. Grove Hill June 1939.
[Colour, deteriorated] Mother and girl on croquet lawn and with archery butt. Girl brings flower to camera.
June 1939 mother holds baby boy to camera. Three women on lawn with pushchair.
Aberfeldy 1939 - [good colour], girl eats Rusk.
1939, Tarvie, girl in red overcoat and sou'wester picks yellow flower.
1940, Torquay. One-year old boy waves from mother's arms, smiles. She tries to help him walk. Women and children on lawn.
[dark b/w] crawling child.

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