Film: 7683

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. [Colour] Girl in back garden on daisy covered lawn in Torquay, Devon. Baby boy crawls on lawn [good colour]. Two children in bath, sitting down, then standing. Mother with children in corner of room. Girl with building blocks.
On beach. Family, father holds boy. Girl throws shoes into sea. Father smokes cigarette. Langley Manor, Torquay?, back garden. Mother plays with ball with children. Orange deckchair. Boy crawls on daisy covered lawn.
27th May 1940 boy and girl lie by side of pool and splash their hands in it.
[B/w - dark] Quetta (Pakistan). Children play on terrace.
[Good colour] Quetta 1940, girl in pith helmet. Boy eats Rusk. Girl eats Rusk biscuit. Dehra Dun - garden. Woman smokes cigarette. Woman and parasol.

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