Film: 7684

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. Bareilly, India. [Very good colour] Mother and young boy walk up steep garden path to camera. Butterflies in garden - large white and patterned butterflies. Girl with butterfly net tries to catch butterflies. Butterfly on girl's arm. Girl opens door to rabbit hutch - two white rabbits come out and play on lawn. Girl strokes one. One attempts to burrow. Children look out of back of station wagon car under canvas.
[Dark] children run around on lawn.
Close up of rabbit held to camera. Children in vegetable patch with Pekinese dog. Children with their father on the lawn. Children in pond, mother on bank. Children in pith helmets. Indians sit on mud bank. Children run to camera in back garden in slow motion. Children have their arms around each other. Six children do exercises on veranda - bending, and running on the spot. woman shows them how. Marching. Siamese kitten held to camera on wife's shoulder. Happy children. Boy on tricycle with servant in close attendance. Girl on tricycle. Boy on horseback with saddle. Girl also. Native servants. Picnic in country - four adults and two children. People sleep after picnic. Indian women with white children. Indian women on verandah. Butterflies in close up. Painted Lady butterfly on yellow flower. Butterfly collection. Painted Lady pinned to board. Girl on tricycle. Boy in pedal car. Green budgerigar in cage.

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