Film: 7685

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Bareilly, India / Pakistan, good colour.
[Colour] Christmas 1940. Children in fancy dress costume, girl in Dutch clothes, boy is probably a matador? They stand on the lawn.
1941 - woman and children sit on sun-loungers. Dog bites another dog - woman slaps dog. Butterfly net. Dog on lead.
1941 - Brockenbury Hall, Naina Tal. Children placed in open sedan chair contraption. Native bearers take children off with their mother. Each child climbs into a tin bath each and stands up naked. Boy suspends himself over the side of the bath. Children swap baths. Pekinese dog. Cats - kittens drink milk from saucer watched over by mother.
[B/w] Close up of kittens held up for camera. Man performs christening ceremony on cats. Boy led along track on horse by servant. Girl also.
[Good colour] Wife holds dog to camera. Puppies. Wife holds puppies to camera. Puppies bite each other's ears.
July 1941 Children walk along outside of balcony in jolly red romper suits. Another family of mother and two children. Four children sit in a row. They put their hands in the air for the camera. On veranda children sit on wicker chairs. Woman holds Siamese cat over shoulder to camera. Close up of little girl.
[B/w] Cat and dogs. Cat allows dog to play with it. Siamese kitten at bay against its mother.

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