Film: 7686

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. [Good colour] Rabbits in back garden in Delhi, India. Rabbits in hutch. They are white with pink eyes. Baby rabbits sniff around. children sit on lawn with baby rabbits. Dog. Mother picks up rabbit. Girl in fancy dress costume, dressed as Little Bo Peep in red. Boy in little uniform. His hat says "Button" - a bell boy? He shields his eyes from the sun. Mother erects tripod - children run around tripod. Pansies. Woman in bikini two-piece swimming costume in back garden. Close up of boy and girl. Children on ponies. Close up of dog. Close up of mother. Children prune shrubs - gardening. They collect cuttings in little basket. Children on big motorbike. On horses with servant in attendance. Rolls Royce at Talli Tal. Dawn light on China. Family in car. Car on road in countryside. Viaduct, train at the Bolan Pass. journey from Nairi to Barailly. Rawalpindi. Girl in smart white party frock.

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